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Alloro Fine Foods

Incomparable quality, inspiring flavours.

In Italian Alloro means Bay Leaf – an aromatic spice used to elevate the tastes in everything from soups and stews to seafood and sauces. Consider Alloro your personal bay leaf, complementing your taste buds with gourmet goods, prepared meals, and aisles and aisles of fine quality produce and foods that take the guesswork and grunt work out of every day dining. At Alloro, you'll discover a more convenient way to cook, an easier way to entertain, and the most fully-flavoured way to live!

Why Prepared Food? Fresh flavours on the go.

Cooking three meals a day is time consuming. Ensuring each meal is healthy and delicious, while pleasing the whole family? Next to impossible. Alloro’s prepared foods offer a convenient, health-conscious, tasty alternative to constantly cooking. Save time and eat well at Alloro’s.
Alloro Fine Foods, Ontario

Let’s Meat Up

Enjoy the convenience of grab-and-go cooked or marinated meats, prepared fresh daily. From fresh succulent steaks to your best ever burger, you will be amazed at how easy delicious can be.
Alloro Fine Foods, Ontario

Flavours Of The Ocean

From the flawless simplicity of the squeeze of a lemon…to genius combinations of herbs and spices that create magical collaborations of tastes – it’s seafood like you’ve never experienced before.
Alloro Fine Foods, Ontario

Pick Your Produce

You don’t have to choose between nutrition and great taste – have both – with Alloro’s prepared fruits and vegetables. Indulge in crisp salads and luscious sides, knowing you’re doing the right thing for your body and your taste buds.
Alloro Fine Foods, Ontario

Bakery Bliss

Discover an array of chocolate-drizzled delights, melt-in-your-mouth bites, appetizing artisanal breads and cakes that complete your celebrations. Never show up empty handed again. Be the star of your next event!

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